The Big Fast Food Calorie Table

26 Apr 2021 20:12

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Fast Food Calorie Table:

No one is surprised that burgers, fries, kebab & Co. are calorie bombs. But there are also tons of calories hidden in tarte flambée, vegetable pizza, Hawaiian toast and Chinese noodles. EAT SMARTER presents the big fast food calorie table.

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Table of Contents:

  • Classic in the fast food calorie table
  • The fast food in the fast food calorie table
  • Unhealthy fats, cholesterol, table sugar - and almost no vitamins
  • Defuse fast food
  • How many calories does a Dürüm have?
  • How many calories does a currywurst with fries have?

At a glance: the fast food calorie table:

Anyone who starts their day with the Burger King Breakfast Burger has already covered more than a third of their daily calorie requirement with around 800 kcal. Together with a serving of nasi goreng at lunchtime and a salami pizza in the evening, the daily requirement of an adult is far exceeded.

Snacks, desserts, white coffees and high-calorie drinks provide additional calories. The result: weight gain. Our fast food calorie table explains the biggest calorie bombs in the fast kitchen.

Classic in the fast food calorie table:

The Big King XXL from Burger King contains a total of 955 kcal - in terms of calories it is on par with two bars of chocolate. But even a vegetable pizza, which is supposedly healthy due to its topping, provides around 770 kcal.

After all: Due to the fiber in the dough, the feeling of satiety lasts longer after a pizza than with a burger and hot dog (440 kcal). Often your stomach growls again just a few hours after eating it.

A visit to McDonald’s or Burger King can easily cover the entire daily calorie requirement. A portion of chicken wings (Burger King, 570 kcal), a portion of French fries and a Big Mac (500 kcal each) can be replaced in terms of calories with three bars of chocolate that are just waiting to be used as a fat pad.

The front runner in the series of the highest calorie fast food products is the Big American Texas Pizza by Dr. Oetker. At 1,244 kcal, it contains almost three times the calories of an average main meal for an adult.

The fast food in the fast food calorie table:

Bratwurst, tarte flambée and crêpes are tempting fast food snacks that make your mouth water. Most people are not aware that sausage & / chicken pasta "> chicken pasta with sage and tomatoes.

A look at the fast food calorie table reveals that a meatball contains around 300 kcal, just like a serving of potato salad with it Mayo: A crepe with sugar for dessert adds another 250 kcal.

A visit to the kebab shop is particularly tough: a kebab contains 780 kcal, the vegetarian alternative with falafel does not do much better with 760 kcal. A lahmacun (526 kcal) can also be equated with a whole bar of chocolate.

Unhealthy fats, cholesterol, table sugar - and almost no vitamins

Unfortunately, the high calorie density of fast food does not go hand in hand with a high nutrient density. Fast food is therefore not only the undisputed number one supplier of calories.

Rather, pizza, french fries and kebab are oozing saturated fat and are therefore real cholesterol bombs. In addition, they contain almost no fiber and even fewer vitamins. Often there is more sugar hidden in fast food than expected.

In addition, fast food is usually fortified with flavor enhancers, preservatives and colorings. That is not healthy.

Defuse fast food:

But if you can't do without the occasional cheeseburger after a night of dancing, the bratwurst at the Christmas market or the pizza at the crime scene, you can indulge in the fast food.

However, when it comes to fast food, it is important to ensure that you consume it in moderation. Think of fast food as a main meal, not just a snack.

Eat fruit for dessert and watch out for low-calorie drinks. Order the Filet-o-Fish (350 kcal) from McDonald’s and the Turkey Sub with cheese (330 kcal) from Subway. The Whopper Jr. without mayonnaise with a garden salad (365 kcal) from Burger King is a lower-calorie alternative to the Big Fish Sandwich with fries (1,000 kcal).

Last but not least, you should make your fast food “slow food”: Enjoy in Rest, because the natural feeling of satiety occurs after just 20 minutes.

How many calories does a Dürüm have?

There is no general answer to this question, as there are many different recipes for a Dürüm kebab. The individual components vary in preparation and quantity. Another important factor is which meat is used.
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